Fire Continuing Education

GTCC offers Con Ed certification and non-certification classes in Fire and Rescue subjects to members of North Carolina fire departments and rescue squads. These classes are available at a variety of locations and at our training facility (ERTC) located on the Jamestown Campus.

NC Firefighter I-II, NC Driver/Operator, Haz Mat Level One Responder, and Technical Rescuer classes are normally conducted on an annual basis.

Class schedules shown on this website and the Guilford Fire Training website are subject to change due to attendance, weather, and unforeseen circumstances. For this reason, please contact the Fire Con/Ed Coordinator prior to any class listed in order to confirm the dates/times.

Courses & Schedule

Fire Continuing Education

Fire Certification Courses


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ERTC Drill Tower

The ERTC Drill Tower is a five story training tower which has many features. Students are able to simulate confined space entry, elevator rescue, repelling, and various other technical rescue training simulations. In addition the tower has a dry standpipe system in the stair well for hydraulics and standpipe training. The tower is also used for physical fitness training and training students for the Firefighter Combat Challenge.

ERTC Driving Track

The ERTC driving track is utilized for Law Enforcement Driving, Fire Department Drivers Training, and EMS Drivers Training. The track has several courses that are pre painted on the track to facilitate quick setup. Basic Law Enforcement Training courses are available as well as VFIS Fire and EMS driving course. Schedule a class for the use of the track just click on the link below.

ERTC Flashover Simulator

The GTCC Flashover Simulator Swede Survival System offers firefighters the opportunity to observe fire behavior and the signs that lead to the flashover phenomenon in a controlled setting. By creating these conditions over and over again, firefighters are provided with the knowledge and skills to deal with this situation. The Result is saving the firefighter’s life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Fire Con/Ed classes and the Fire Academy?

Fire Con/Ed classes are for fire /rescue personnel who are already members of a NC fire department or rescue squad. Most of these classes are offered at night and on weekends. These classes may be offered at Guilford County fire stations or at the ERTC at the Jamestown Campus.

The Fire Academy is for people new to the fire service who wishes to obtain their basic fire/rescue/haz mat certifications quickly in an 8am-5pm weekday format. Students in the Fire Academy may be either new firefighters or have no affiliation with a fire department.

I am under 18 years of age. Can I take Fire Con / Ed classes?

Junior Firefighters (members of a NC Fire Department between the ages of 16-18) may take Fire Con/Ed classes with written permission from their High School principal EXCEPT for classes involving live fire evolutions/situations. 16/17 year olds can NOT take Flashover Simulator or Fire Control classes. The letter from the High School principal must be provided to the Fire Con Ed Coordinator EACH semester stating that the student has permission to take Fire/Rescue classes at GTCC. This letter has to be written on official school letterhead and signed by the principal.

How do I check my NC OSFM transcript?

Click on the link provided to “OSFM Student Transcript Page.

I just took a class and it has not shown up on my NC OSFM transcript. How long should I wait before contacting the Fire Con Ed Coordinator and ask why?

Wait 90 days after you finished the class. The actual test grades are not transmitted to Raleigh until the first week of the month following the test. It then takes OSFM up to 2 weeks to check the Community Colleges information site to retrieve the grades and then the record is entered onto the actual transcript. All in all, this process can take up to 90 days after you take the test. Once the 90 day limit is reached, contact the Fire Con Ed Coordinator to investigate if there is a problem.

What do I do if my NC OSFM transcript does not show a class that I took?

Contact the Fire Con Ed Coordinator with the following information and he/she will look into the matter:

  • Your name
  • Your birthdate
  • The last 4 digits of your SS#
  • Subject of the class taken
  • Date(s) of the class taken
  • Location of the class taken

How do I know what Fire Con Ed classes are being offered?

How do I reserve part of the ERTC for a training class?

Contact the Fire Con Ed coordinator. Click on the provided link to the ERTC calendar to see in advance
who has the various resources reserved.

When does the next Fire Academy start? How do I get into the next Fire Academy?

Click on the provided link to the GTCC Fire Academy.

I see that GTCC is closed due to inclement weather. Are the Fire Con/Ed classes conducted away from campus canceled?

Yes. If all classes at GTCC are canceled due to inclement weather, then all con/ed classes conducted away from campus are canceled also.

Certification Exam Procedures

Please note: Students must be present for at least 80% of a course to be eligible to take an exam

Prior to the exam starting, the Instructor/proctor will hand out answer sheets to each candidate and explain:

  1. The number of questions on the exam.
  2. Candidates are not to make any marks on the exam; they are to indicate their answer
    on the answer sheet provided.
  3. Should a candidate have any questions about the exam the Instructor/Proctor may read the question aloud, but not offer any interpretation or further explanation which
    may indicate the answer to the candidate.
  4. Candidates should fill out the candidate’s information on the answer sheet before receiving the test.
  5. Maximum time allowed will be indicated.
  6. Candidates may be excused as needed during the test as approved by the instructor/proctor.
  7. The Instructor/Proctor shall maintain a quiet and secure environment during the entire time the exam is being administer.
  8. Candidates shall be seated at least one foot apart.
  9. The only objects allowed on the table shall be the test answer sheet, the test booklet, and two No. 2 pencils.
  10. The Instructor/Proctor will explain correct procedure to follow if candidate wishes to change an answer once it has been marked:
    1. Completely erase original answer choice. Erase carefully and completely as this may interfere with the computer read answer sheet.
    2. Completely fill in subsequent answer choice.
  11. The Instructor/Proctor will tell candidates that the answer sheet will be computer scanned and any question with more than one answer choice marked will be counted as a wrong choice and deducted.
  12. The Instructor/Proctor will tell candidates that any question not answered will be counted as a wrong choice and will be deducted.
  13. The final score is determined by deducting the number of incorrect and blank choices times question point value from 100%.
  14. The Instructor/Proctor will tell the candidates that all knowledge examinations for certification courses require a minimum of 70% score for passing.
  15. The Instructor/Proctor will explain to the candidates that information concerning individual course grades will be maintained by the Delivery Agency.
  16. Any candidate receiving less than a 70% grade will be allowed to apply for re-testing at the local Delivery Agency. School Directors or their appointed representatives, will be allowed to administer these re-examination.
  17. Any candidate observed talking to another candidate or copying from another candidate’s paper will be excused from the test and given a zero score.
  18. The Instructor/Proctor will pass out the exam booklets face down on the desks. The candidates are to be told not to turn the booklets over until the Instructor/Proctor says begin.
  19. The end of the test period the Instructor/Proctor will state that the test period has expired and to put down their pencils.
  20. As the participants complete their exams, they will be allowed to bring their exam booklet, answer sheet and pencils to the Instructor/Proctor.
  21. At the end of the testing period, the Instructor/Proctor shall ensure that each candidate returns the test booklet and the answer sheet.
  22. The Instructor/Proctor will check each exam booklet for marks, and that all information has been included on the answer sheet.
  23. After the candidate has completed the exam and all paperwork has been checked, the candidate must leave the room.
  24. Candidates will only be allowed to leave the test area to use bathroom facilities and /or to take a break within the building only after turning exam booklet and answer
    sheet face down and raising their hand and Waiting for the Instructor/Proctor to recognize them.
  25. If more than one room is used for the test, then at least one Instructor/Proctor per room shall be available