Con Ed Registration Information

General Information

Ways to Register and Pay

Note: You are obligated to pay tuition and any fees at the time of registration.

 Online – Visit and search for courses by entering part of the title (example: Excel) or the course code with dashes (example: CAS-4037B-208) in the Search for Courses box. When you have finished selecting your course, click the Register button. On the next form, you will be required to enter personal identification details including address, phone, social security number and email. You must pay at the time of registration to complete your enrollment. GTCC accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover debit/credit cards.

By Mail – You may register via mail by printing a copy of a Registration Form from our website: (Download Form PDF)

Complete the form and mail it in with your check, money order, or credit card information to the address shown on the form. GTCC accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover debit/credit cards. If paying by check, the account holder’s name, address and account number must be pre-printed on the check. Do not mail cash.


140 Jamestown Court (entrance from Guilford college road)

In Person – You may register in person by completing a Registration Form in advance by printing a copy from:(Download Form PDF). Registration Forms are also available at Continuing Education Registration Counters on the Greensboro, Jamestown and High Point Campuses. Because payment is due at the time of registration, after you are registered for your course(s), you will visit the cashier’s office to make payment. Acceptable forms of payment include: checks, cash, money orders, and Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover credit/debit cards.

When paying in person by check or credit card, please bring two forms of ID. One must be a photo ID.

Please visit the Cashiers Page for acceptable forms of ID at: Student ID page

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After you Register

After You RegisterPlan to attend the classes you registered for as scheduled. You will not be contacted unless there is a change in the class; for example, if the class is postponed or cancelled.

Contact Information

Continuing Education Registrar’s Office:
336-334-4822 extensions 50582, 50154, 50359

Dropping and Adding Classes

Dropping and Adding Classes – If you want to drop a class and receive a refund, the amount of your refund will depend on when you drop the class. Please refer to the refund policy. If you want to add a class, you can register up until the first day of class. In addition, you can replace one course with another if they have the same registration fee, but only if approved by the Departmental Coordinator.

Fees, Books, Supplies

Registration fees, which are listed with each class description, do not include the cost of textbooks or supplies.

Fees are set by the NC General Assembly and are based on the number of contact hours for each course. Some of the courses listed in this catalog require textbooks, which are sold at the GTCC Bookstores and you should buy books and supplies at the bookstore of the campus you will be attending class.

Bookstore Locations:(

  • Jamestown, 601 High Point Road
    • Monday – Thursday, 8am-8pm, and Friday 8am-4pm.
  • Greensboro, 3505 E. Wendover Avenue
    • Monday – Thursday, 9a – 7p and Friday 9am-Noon
  • High Point, 901 S. Main St
    • Monday – Thursday, 9a – 7p and Friday 9am-Noon

Some courses require supplies/materials and you are accountable for purchasing the necessary items.
Students in all continuing education classes will be assessed a $5 CAPS fee to help cover expenses associated with providing campus access, parking and security at the college.

Some programs require malpractice insurance. These fees, where applicable, are included in the published course fee.

Refund Policy

The Refund Policy : In compliance with State Board policy, GTCC will refund 100% of tuition and fees if you officially drop from the class before the first class meeting by contacting the appropriate Departmental Coordinator or the Continuing Education Registrar’s Office.
GTCC will refund 75% of tuition only if you officially withdraw from the class on or before the class reaches the census date. The census date varies from class to class.

No refunds will be issued if you withdraw from a course after the census date.
If a class is canceled or full, GTCC will make a full refund.
Non-attendance is not a basis for refund of tuition.

Registration Locations

  • Jamestown, 140 Jamestown Court (T1 building, entrance from Guilford college road)
    • Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm
  • Greensboro, 3505 E. Wendover Avenue, Continuing Education Center
    • Monday-Thursday, 9am-7pm and Friday 9am-Noon
  • High Point, 901 S. Main St, H1
    • Monday-Thursday, 9am-7pm and Friday 9am-Noon


Sponsorships: The purpose of a sponsorship is to help pay college expenses (tuition, fees, books, and supplies). Sponsors may include your employer or government agencies (i.e. Employment Security Commission, Job Link, or Vocational Rehabilitation).

Each semester, detailed sponsor information must be received by GTCC. This information may be mailed, faxed, or brought in person to the Cashiers Office located in the Luther R. Medlin Campus

Center. Authorizations must be received at the time of registration. If authorizations are not received at the time of registration, the student is expected to pay registration fees. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure the Cashiers Office has received an authorization for each class. Contact the cashier’s office when you register to ensure your sponsor information has been received and processed.

GTCC Sponsor Agreement forms can be obtained from the Cashiers Office.

Authorizations must include the student’s name, identification number (SID and/or last 4 digits of SSN), and semester to be paid by the sponsor. They must also be printed on company/agency letterhead, state the amount of detailed expenses to be paid for each student being sponsored, and include an agency representative name and phone number.

Bookstore charges may be applied to a sponsorship only if specified in the sponsor authorization.

Who May Register?

Who May Register?If you’re 18 years old or older, you may register for a course. Applicants who are still enrolled in high school, but are at least 16 years of age, should secure authorization from his/her high school principle in the form of a letter. A letter must be secured each term the student wishes to take a course(s). Individuals interested in Admission to Adult High School or GED classes should refer to the Adult Education section of the catalog.

When to Register?

When to RegisterYou may register for a course up to the first day of class, but late registration is discouraged to be sure you get the course(s) you want. You may not be allowed to enter classes after the starting date.